A 50 AC1 Two wheel battery pressure sprayer (50 litres) incl. battery pack and charger GB *


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Two-wheel battery-operated sprayer - new with CAS system. Electronic pressure control, powerful, quiet and environmentally friendly...

Performance characteristic

  • 1 - 10 bar
  • 1.1 -3.3 l / min
  • 18 V LiHD / 8.0 Ah
  • Battery pack charging time < 160 min


Real work comfort

  • Zero emission, quiet and environmentally friendly
  • Robust wheels with locking brake
  • 10 m hose, large application radius
  • Extensive scope of delivery with 3 nozzle configurations (double nozzle holder with 2 Duro-nozzles, herbicide Floodjet nozzle, Duro nozzle)
  • Holder for storing accessories such as the XL 8 Telescopic lance
  • Built-in mixing function


Unique Birchmeier features

  • Constant spray characteristics
  • Large fill opening with integral fine-mesh filter
  • High quality mountings
  • Rugged, long-life pump
  • Separate drainage opening
  • A wide range of accessories
  • Mounting plate


Electronic control

  • Pressure control
  • Constant spray characteristics
  • Operating pressure can be continuously adjusted from 1 to 10 bar
  • Depending on the pressure and the accessories used, the rechargeable battery lasts from 1 to 16 hours
  • Energy efficient
  • Protective setup for pump and rechargeable battery
  • Flow rate of up to 3.3 l/min depending on fittings and nozzle


NEW with CAS: One battery, many solutions

  • CAS* - Unlimited combinations
  • Cross-manufacturer compatibility for over 140 devices
  • Different battery packs obtainable (up to 8 Ah)
  • Charge level is displayed by LED lights

* CAS (Cordless Alliance System is a cross-manufacturer battery pack system of leading power tool brands)

 «Accu-Power» Line



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